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Weighted Lure


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Still more,

Hard body, Soft plastic, Metal??????

Let us know the type or even better brand and name or post a pic and I am sure there will be ssome suggestions.

You would also do well to check out kens articles, that you can get to from the home page

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The Pilchard kokodas would be better off spinning for tailor and kings - they need a fairly fast retrieve to get them working, which would be too fast for flatties.

Flatties are bottom dwellers and generally lie in the sand and wait for their food to come to them. You would be better off with a bibbed minnow that has a diving depth close to the depth of the water you will be fishing or a soft plastic type lure that you can bounce along the bottom fairly slowly. Advice on these I'll leave to more knowledgeable types.

In saying that, I have had some success on flatties in the surf with the wonder wobbler type lure bounced along a sand bottom with a wind, lift and drop retrieve.

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Probably best off with Soft Plastics for Flathead at Palm beach, read Kens Articles on soft plastics and on flathead, the sandflats and drop off at careel bay is a good spot as well, try to get there for the last hour of the run out tide (so an hour before low tide) and cast out and around where the sandflat drops off into deeper water ( cast straight out but also put in a lot of casts at an angle along the drop off so that the lure spends most of its time on the retrieve on the slope from the sandflat into deeper water)

Berkley Bass minnows in watermelon, Squidgies in black and gold are good starters, about 75 mm long get the guys in the tackle shop to show you how to rig them, its not hard but would take ages to explain just right, a quick demo would put you right.

Cast one out and let it sink to the bottom then give two or three sharp lifts of the rod and then pause to let it sink again, lower the rod and reel in the slack line. then do the same until the lure is back to you. keep a good feel as you start the lift as flathead will usually pick it up on the drop and if you lift into resistance you have probably hooked one :biggrin2:

You are trying to imitate a little fish or prawn darting up off the bottom and then diving back :1prop:

The squidgie videos or dvd is good for tips and I saw that Berkley are doing a deal where you get their dvd and a tackle box with lures and jigheads (30 of each)and a set of scissors for braid line ( if your not using it now you probably will soon) for $39.95 which seems to be spectacular value. Give the guys at Australian Bass Angler (Site Sponsor you'll see their banner at the top of the page) a call, you wont find a more helpful bunch

Good luck with it Regards POGO :thumbup:

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