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Is Inox Bad For Your Lines?


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Inox is a vegetable based lubricant that is non-toxic. Its "sibling" product is Lanox, which is a lanoline based lubricant. Inox is great for reels and tackle, Lanox is good for trailers and boats (Lanox is a bit heavier and greasier than Inox). WD-40 is petroleum based and therefore will perish most rubber it comes in contact with (some reels may have rubber parts that are susceptable, some may not) - I believe it would also put fish off if it gets on your line, I have sprayed Inox on my spools with line on and never had a problem. I would never put WD any where near any of my gear. Having said that, I know of plenty of people who use cheapish gear who always use WD on their reels internals...

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Have used INOX now for about 3 to 4 years. I spray my reels before i spool them up from new and periodically (about every 3 to 6 months there after). I also spray my rod guides every 6 months also. By doing this every piece of fishing gear i use is in pristine condition with absolutely no corrosion showing whatsoever. I would recommend INOX for all gear used by fisherman if prolonging the life of your stuff is important to you.

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Guest Jocool
I presume inox can be picked up at any hardware store?




Most will have it. If not, then a tackle store or chandler.

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