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Mrs Clutch As Of Sept 8th


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...........I'm very lucky



Is the poor girl blind? Doesn't she have friends that warned her???? :1yikes:

I hope you haven't lost your sense of humour since getting married!

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Well done Clutch, definitely a keeper

Congratulations and Best wishes to you and Mrs Clutch,

Might get a chance to catch up with you for a beer soon, might be in AKL for a night or two in the next roster period.

Got your PM, yeah I grabbed one of those boat bags too, didnt think of the esky idea though. "D'oh"

Shame the new store isnt open sooner, I've got a chance to get to LA soon but probably not next year.

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Commiserations Mrs Clutch! Didn't they tell you he goes fishing and brews home brew ?

Clutch - you've excelled yourself there mate, top catch :thumbup:

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That's a real nice catch. Probably your best to date Clutch

I caught one like that about 16 years ago and they are fantastic species.

I looked up how they got there scientific name, its Latin and then shortened to WIFE meaning

Washing Ironing Food Entertainment.

Very expensive to maintain, but you gotta love them, there great.

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Congratulations mate

She’s a stunner  :thumbup:

You must own a really nice boat to pick up that gorgeous lady


.....I had always hoped it wasnt the size of your boat that counts its........ :biggrin2::074::074:

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