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Interesting Thing Happened In The Bay Today


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Took my mum and dad fishing in Botany Bay today. Anchored up in the wind and started berleying for some trevally, got a big trevor of 40cm after a few minutes and then a small 35cm flattie. The flattie went back in the drink to grow.

Moved around out of the wind, but also out of the fish so went back, anchored up and out with the chopped pilchards, tuna oil and chook pellets. Before long the parents were onto what seemed like trevally on steroids. Three hookups and three bustoffs. Couldn't be trevally i thought. Wondered if the chinaman leatherjackets had come into the bay, as i was losing line, hooks and sinkers. So out came the wire trace and lo and behold, I had berleyed up a school of rat kings. They went gangbusters for the next half hour or so, swallowing whatever was put in the water. Being severley undergunned (4lb mono), didn't boat as many as we lost, but we still managed to land a few of the kings, they all went 60cm-70cm. So they were released to grow for summer.

In amongst that a few thumper trevally (40cm+) showed up, they were kept for dinner table (3 in total). Wind picked up and i had to start work so left them. I did see a couple of fisherman haul away too large Port Jackson sharks.... aren't they protected?

All out and enjoyable day, watching the parents fight kings on such light tackle was a real blast.

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