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Bate Bay Today


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Fished with BUSTER 1 today’ Garry had plans to fish the humps with the weather being so nice but due to unforeseen circumstances in other words shit happening we were on the water later than we would have liked. We were scooting across bate bay when a brisk south westerly sprang up being unsure of how the weather was going to pan out and it is a long run back in a little boat if things go arse up it was decided that discretion is the part of valor and did a fished some floaters in close and for very little other then a few bottom uglys :( . Next we decided to do a few drifts for flatties out wider the flatties were there but also were hoards of little jackets thieving both bait and rigs :1badmood: if you could get away from the jackets you got lizards we managed to pull a 60cm specimen and a couple of 45’s but the jackets kept finding us :1badmood: so we upped lines and headed north and did a drift wide of Cronulla where we finally got away from the jackets :biggrin2: the flathead drift wasn’t a hot bite but we were getting a few fish there was not much drift out there so maybe that’s why the fishing was a little indifferent as the day progressed the conditions just got better and better. Garry was a little annoyed that we hadn’t bit the bullet and given the humps ago but :05: we ended up with a fair feed of flatties so thing could have been worse.

Garry with a 60cm sand flatty


todays catch


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Good stuff guys, like the big flatty, pitty they are few and far between.

Was also out in Bate Bay today, ended up with a nice feed of flathead and leather jackets. One jacket was a goodun.

Heres a few pics.


Marcus with the good jacket


The final feed

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