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No Longer A Hardbody Virgin... Well, Not Quite

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Hi raiders. Went to usual playground with Agent X for a short morning bash in hopes of getting amonst the few trevs he had told me in his previous encounters there. Got onto a new spot which we hadn't explore before and started throwing sps. Only encountered a few timid bites which weren't helping our morale to keep our mind off the irritating wind that was soon picking up on us. :thumbdown:

Next went back to our original playground to chuck some new plastics I've recently acquired but to no avail. :thumbdown: Went on to a more shallower place and saw school of fishes which looks like tailor and mixture congregating. Hmm, thought of changing to my hardbody lure which I hadn't use for quite some time and wanting to test the theory of aggravating their school to induce a strike. Boy, it somehow proves sense to me. First came on a suspending minnow and with a few cranks and stop, the line just went tight automatically. Fish on.. Up came this fish I've never seen before and besides, it was smallish but I've "sort of" popped my HB cherry over it??!! :tease: Anyway, tried a floating minnow and it too got slammed on a dead slow retrieve. Quite aggressive fishes I would deduce.

Can anybody help me identify what specie is that? Thanks!

btw, the HBs are $2 lures but I've changed them into owner trebles (thanks marlin_dc) due to missed hook ups in the past as the original ones are dodgey.


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