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Inshore Off Sydney


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Gidday all,

well this time I got to hitch a ride on my mates boat "Fin and Tonic"a

5.6m Bar crusher

plan #1 was to get out from swansea and fish the norah Canyons,this died due to the fact that the vessels range is still n the guestimate box.(The northern edge of the canyons is 61 km , one way).

Plan #2 was Browns mountain ,this was canned as we had a plate pull out from a crew member ,and the reports from out wide were only luke warm.

Plan #3 ,was the go.Get to long reef at 3hours before sparrow farts ,fish for reds and whatever comes up the trail ,go for a drift for some flatchaps and retire early and watch the mighty Tigers make the Cowboys into cream puffs.

I was up at 200am ,and was at grants place 30 minutes later,we hooked his boat up (at hornsby) and then screamed down to Roseville to get the early morning bite.Fourty Five minutes later we got back to Grants place after realising the Boat keys were on the table,under the fishing magazine.This was when we were at the boat ramp of course.the next we howled off to the ramp only to have to turn around when Grant remembered the winch handle sitting in the Garage,................after driving for 15 minutes.

We got the boat on the water at 530 :ranting2: .

We were greeted with a wonderfull 15-20knot

W wind that just kind of sprung out of no where,the water was a delightfull 16.2c,and there was about 1-1/2 knots of current with a southerley set.We were at a spot about 3miles out and had the occasional slap of water on the side of the boat that made the rolling just that bit more shitty.We caught a Morwong

after moving to three different spots,we caught 1 leatherjacket........

Tried the drift off the narrabeen wrecks and got bitten off by leatherjackets ,we had to use 1 lb leads to stay in contact with the bottom due to wind and tide_,northerley current-southerley wind. :mad3:

Feeling pretty ordinary ,we decided to visit the King spot under Macquarie lighthouse,gave that away as the temp was still down ,tried the flatty drift off Rosa gully and came up trumps,we caught 11 flathead ,there was some absoulute honkers in there (64 cm).The water heated up (18.5c),there was a red tide line on the current line 1.5c temp change,and there was pods of stripeys that were feeding on glass bait fish that were hiding under the Red tide.Picked up another few fish and then called it a day 2.00pm.

Heading back and we found a school of salmon feeding in the bay that forms up the gap.I was on the controls and my mate had two hook ups,but pulled the hooks twice!,the fish were extremely spooky and reacted to any engine noise Variation,ie throttling back and shifting gear.Rounding up ahead of the fish I was getting set to have a cast myself when i heard a noise from a boat that was closer in to the rocks,we motored over leaving the salmon crashing and banging behind us.The guys had a battery die on them and they were about to go on the rocks,needless to say we towed them to safety by plowing our way through Two schools of fast moving salmon.The boat was about 28ft long ,clinker built with a fly bridge,we ended up puuting them on the police mooring at Vaucluse while they waited for the coastal patrol guys to tow them with more appropriate gear and boat.

We went back to have a crack at the salmon but they had dissapeared in to thin air.

Having done our good deeds for the day we headed back to the ramp at Roseville and had to wait for 15minutes while the wood ducks were fluffing around with there "Speedboats'.We pulled out ,cleaned up and then as we were driving up the hill at Roseville ,we ran out of diesel.-Now wouldnt that just root your day?,lucky the petrol station 400 m up the road was open and had diesel!.I will apologise now to all those who got stuck behind the F 250 now,It wont happen again.

Got home ,had a beer and watched the Tigers hammer the Cowboys while we ate some glorious flathead fillets.Was the trip worth it?,of course most of it was.

Couple of things I noticed while out.The stripeys were feeding fast and there seemed to be numerous small pods working,as opposed to great shoals of them,they are feeding on little baitfish 1-2cm long.The salmon were mooving fast as well and would stay submerged for a long time before a pod would start feeding ,possibly inciting the rest to join in.Unsure whether the two fish my mate hooked were not foul hooked or not.I think that they were feeding on fish larvae or the likes.


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I hope that you are right DJ,it sure as hell looked promising with the current lines butting up hard against each other,if it was in january that would have been THE place to be I reckon.I have been mates with Grant for twenty years so he is allowed foibles every now and then.But all at once? :1yikes: .

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Guest bluecod


That sounds like a day you won't forget in a hurry - and I bet you won't let your mate forget it either.

How did you find the inhull water ballast system the BarCrusher has? Is it as good as they say or just a gimic?

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I have to say that it is great to a point,probably 1/2 to 1m of sideways slop ,then the chines start to lift and when you get to that stage it gets a little uncomfortable.It sounds a little like a waterfall to with lots of gurgling etc,makes you feel like having a piss all the time!.

Saying that ,the ride is probably the best of all the boats (haines signature,445F ,predator,Clark,allycraft,quintrex ,savage)that I have been in ,full stop.We had 20knots of Yuck on sunday that made for some lumpy seas ,I was able to rig up while travelling in the back corner.

My favourite is still the 445 but that was purely cause I have a soft spot for centre consoles,if I was in the shit ,that boat would be the pick of the lot-its unsinkable due to the fully sealed /welded floor.The kiwis know there boats.

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Guest bluecod
... lots of gurgling etc,makes you feel like having a piss all the time!.

.... I was able to rig up while travelling in the back corner.

......The kiwis know there boats.


Interesting, particularly as the :wife: loves the 5.3m Cuddy

The gurgling could be a problem for her as she only has short legs :074::074:

How do they handle spray - is it pushed down and out or do the back corners get soaked

Kiwis - I thought they were built by BarCrusher in Melbourne or are they a Kiwi design.


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Pick the corner ...the right corner that is :074: ,they do deflect most of the water but on the upwind side you will need a wetsuit!,you are right,they are made in Melbourne,designed by the Kiwis.

I have to say to that the step thru bit at the back is an absouleute winner,it allows said guys to safely have a piss out the back without going in to the drink,or pissing all over your mates boat :biggrin2: .

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