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Botany Bay


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After a poor to moderate session in tuggarah lakes on saturday (10 legal flatties and two bumper tailor between 3 people) i had to have my Botany fix. I heard through the grapevine that the bridges were fishing well for flats, jew, trevs and bream. I had to check this out. :1fishing1:

My dad and i started to flick sp's around one of the bridges (sorry for the general directions but learn this yourself) for immediate success. The tide was still coming in and unusually the flats were on the job. Dad was using his fav berkley 3'' pumpkinseed with a 3.5g finesse head. I started with a squidgy fish in black/gold No.4(i had to wipe the dust off the squidgy collection).

In the first hour dad and i caught over 15 flats with no indication which lure was more successful. They ranged from 30cm to 60cm in length and were particularly aggresive. In fact, if we didn't get a bite within the first few minutes of a cast we felt let down :yahoo: .

As the tide turned we thought that we were going to bag out within a couple hours of begining but things slowed down :ranting2: . I took us till about midday to finally reach our limit as well as three trevs. We high graded many times and ended up catching and releasing approx 45 flats, what a day.

The bay still impresses me with the amount of fish available, especially amongst all the weekend boat traffic :thumbup:

Sorry but no pics fellas.. but it's true.

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:pokey: lol ohh kevvie ya let me down mate... ive only just brought a boat and only hit the bay 3 times.. im in need of some good spots as i no NONE :(

fished the 3rd runway on sunday and we got 9 good trevs..

but im keen to start catchin some decent flatties... i spose towras gotta be a start??

S/P's i must try them aye... what would u throw at a flattie if u were bait fishing? half a pillie yea?

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