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Bass Dreaming


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Howdy people

I've just had an awesome weekend of catching solid wild bass on my 'River of Dreams'... My wife and I made one of our regular pilgrimages north to Port Stephens over the long weekend to visit family (and of course go bassing...). After a few hours sleep we arose for the long drive Nth to the launch spot. The conditions were great as we headed up stream and started to catch bass after bass.


Surface wasnt producing, it was all about Nitro Whizbangers and VT 55's. We continued pushing up rapid after rapid, each new pool providing new challenges...and fish!


The biggest today was 350, but we only caught 1 under 300


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Day two we gave the river a rest but I still managed to hit a nearby lagoon for a few fish, my best was a 445 and Pete (my father in law) got a 435 (of course forgot the camera for this sesh).

Day 3 Pete and I returned to the river of dreams and had one of those special days that shine strong in your memory for a long time...the weather was hot, the conditions were great, and we caught alot of bass! Amazingly for a river sesh, once again only one fish was below 300. The best for fish for the day were a couple of 370's, 365, a few around 340... and a stonker of a wild bass that went 450, ye ha!

My fav old beat-up VT 55 with only a few patches of gold paint left went off today, with Nitro Whizbangers also accounting for a few




As we pushed down toward the salt the fish got bigger and bigger..culminating in this supurb 450 fork that smashed my lure resulting in instant drag melting off the Alphas and my BD Crankbait working hard to keep the big fish from a snag complex


This was truely one of the bulkiest wild fish I've seen..


In the rapids on the lower pools you could see hordes of bream racing around the river stones...a few unweighted bass minnows later I was sight casting to bream to top off an amazing day


The only thing missing was the resident jacks turning up to party...oh well you can't have everything.



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Cheers fellas.

Trouble - you usually get this place to yourself, but there were a couple of other groups of fishos on the water on Monday and you were fishing secondhand water quite a bit...certainly didnt harm our chances though ;-)


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Awesome report Brent :thumbup:

Looks like a great piece of the world up there.

That is one thing I miss having the new boat....... my canoe.

When I got the boat the missus said the canoe had to go................. now the missus is gone ...... might be time for a canoe to make another apperance :biggrin2:

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Definately time to get a canoe Jethro...no basser is complete without one :thumbup: .

Martin - certainly is a beautiful place to fish, nothing better than taking a dip to cool off between fish...

Paddy - Canoeing without fear of snapping handbags would be quite a change for you at the moment i'm sure! Hopefully see you tomorrow night mate.



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Great fishun' Brent, always look forward to reports of your bass'n exploits.

Hopefuly I'll get a chance to fish 'the river of dreams' one day soon, from what you've told me, it sounds a magical place.

Joe :thumbup:

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