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Flathead and a mixed bag of undersized fish Broken Bay


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Headed out this morning with a mate of mine. We started out right on low tide so initially we headed out into Broken Bay, with a plan to move into the channel by Half Tide Rocks once the tide was moving a bit more.

We started out over by Lion Island and could see workups of fish breaking the surface all over the place. Lots of casts and a few hits, but the only thing landed by Lion Island was one trevor that measured just under at 29cm - It was caught on a baited rod in the holder and then released to get a bit bigger.

The current and the wind were almost perfectly opposed so we were barely drifting. We decided to reposition a bit closer to the channel. Again we kept seeing fish busting up all over the place. I had my suspicions after I had two mullet strips snipped off behind the hook and these were confirmed when my mate pulled in the first of many undersized Tailor. I left my soft plastic firmly on the bottom least it get its tail snipped and I re-rigged the bait rod buy adding a stinger to my mullet strip and soon I was pulling in little tailor, too. While it was fun we were not getting anything to take home, so after a bit of sport we moved back into the channel by half tide rocks and did a couple of drifts there.

These produced two flatties in the 40-45cm range landedand kept and two more dropped. Also landed was a young female blue swimmer that was released.

Everything today was caught on bait. with both the prawns and mullet strips producing the goods. The only exception was one small tailor caught on a large curly tailed grub - the plastics were not working at all for us today - go figure.

Still fresh fish for dinner tonight so happy enough with that. Not enough for the kids though so they get sausages :)

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