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Newbie to Sydney, looking to fish Rushcutters to Watsons Bay


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Hi Folks,

I'm fresh off the boat from London (sorry in advance) and moved to Sydney to live, work, and fish! I'm 23 and I have been a huge fisherman all my life, primarily coarse fishing in the beautiful rivers and lakes of the UK. I have quite a bit of sea boat fishing experience also as my grandparents are from the channel islands and own a boat.

I have also tried a bit of shore fishing, mainly from rocks using lures/sp's and some float fishing. I have just moved to the Woollhara area so I would love some help/tips/locations to try in the next few weeks. If anyone fishes the area I would love to tag along if you could put up with a pom for a few hours! I have seen that there are a few spots at Double, Rose and I think Watsons Bay as well but I just don't know where to start!

Alternatively if anyone near those areas likes to fish from a boat and would like a companion/extra pair of hands I would be more than happy to come along.

I currently have a very basic spinning rod and a few SP's but looking to try a bit of ledgering for some smaller bream/snapper that I could take home to eat.

Thanks in advance and so happy to be in Sydney!

Any questions please ask :)


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