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Weekend on the Hawkesbury


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Good Evening Raiders,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their well earned time if they are lucky enough to have some!!

Anyway a good mate of mine has been trying real hard to tee up a weekend away on his brother in laws cruiser.

I was very happy to get the opportunity to be on such a vessel given that I had only met the owner a couple of times so I said yes faster then Homer Simpson would say yes to free donuts!!! :biggrinthumb:

Anyway we met at the Marina in Brooklyn around 8am Saturday morning loaded our stuff onboard and set off.

First destination was around Dangar Island for the first change of tide and we planned to spend the day there and see what we could manage.

We ended up with 4 flatties ranging between 40 - 45 cm a few bream, dreaded catfish & eels.

The boat owners cousins decided to drop by and pay us a visit for a couple of hours and we had lunch and just kicked back for a few hours.once they were on their way we thought about our next plan of attack, we thought we give Juno a crack before dark but as we headed out there it was a little rough so we thought we would head up the mouth of Cowan and pick a sheltered spot so we can BBQ the flatties and settle in for the night.

Anyway once we were anchored we had a couple of hours before it got dark so on with the fishing.

This little spot was very productive caught lots of snapper mostly undersized but close to legal, we caught bream, and a few soapie Jew plus some port Jackson sharks. so I was loving life cause I figured we would give this a crack over night and hopefully pick up a Jew, after dinner I sent out 2 jewwie baits, one with a chicken breast slab, the other with a yellow tail fillet from one we had caught earlier, we sat there for a hour not much happening but I was not giving up in a hurry, my mate and his father went inside and were playing a Italian card game, (Not Sure of the Name).

Within 5 min's of that I one of my rods buckled over, I have grabbed it ready for a battle but whatever this thing was as soon as I tried to put pressure on it, it took off like a steam train, I had virtually locked the drag and there was no stopping it all over in about 10 seconds. busted at the leader (I was shattered) eventually got over it and pressed on.

I managed a flattie in the Mid 40's so that put a smile back on my face!! and then decided to send out the other half of that yellow tail and you wouldn't believe it within 5 min's same thing happened again, this time it was heading straight for me and took me under the boat I had half my rod in the water just to try and stop this thing but it caught the anchor chain and it was all over, at this stage my Adrenalin was going into overdrive but I was just so exhausted being in the sun for most of the day it was now 2am and decided to call it quits, sent out both rods again, this time with chicken.

I managed to get an hours sleep and woke up to inspect the rods and one of them had a port jackson on the end of it and it had wrapped around both the rods, I decided to cut it off and worry about it in the morning.

Day 2,

Woke up at 6am first thing on the agenda, get the rods re-rigged and send out some slabs and see if we can get a jew.

I had a lot of trouble tying the Palomar knot must have been cause of dying to start fishing again, eventually both rods were rigged and we were back into fishing.

Not much happening and was just enjoying a coffee and having to chat to my mates father.

Shortly after that the rod with Yellow tail fillet on it started bouncing around and loaded up but not a big fight, too my surprise a good flattie on the end of it @64cms new pb for me in that species so very happy indeed. netted with the help of my mates father and kept in the live well along side the flattie I caught last night, happy days.

It was now 8am my mate and his brother in law were up and everyone was hungry so it was time for some bacon and eggs, (Yummo)!!!

since the bite had died down after the flattie we decided to head towards the rail bridge and settle in there for the remainder of the trip, had a feeling we could pick up some jewwies so off we went after breakfast.

We managed a few soapies about 4 each and a good sized bream that I lost boat-side :mad3:this kept us entertained for a while till it started bucketing down which is when we decided to have some lunch.

The rain continued but we eventually got over it and decided to head into the Marina and clean the boat and head home as I have a 6am start tomorrow and didn't want to get home too late.

That sums it up raiders, sorry for the long post but I just wanted to share my experience with you.

here are some photos, I really enjoyed being on this boat and almost felt like a Deck hand at one stage assisting with straightening anchor chain and was even lucky enough to take the wheel for a few mins!!!

All the best to everyone and tight lines!!!






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Nice report Nathan . Bad luck on the 2 big ones although the send one sounds like it may have been a stingray ..... They have a tendancy to zip under the boat or bury on the bottom. Glad to hear you got a few anyway and the main thing is you enjoyed yourself.


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Nice report Nathan . Bad luck on the 2 big ones although the send one sounds like it may have been a stingray ..... They have a tendancy to zip under the boat or bury on the bottom. Glad to hear you got a few anyway and the main thing is you enjoyed yourself.


Thanks Pete, you're probably right on the money as whatever this thing was it couldn't be stopped and it went straight down.



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