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Finally! Lane Cove River Bass'n


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At last!

After many fruitless sessions without so much as a strike, I've finally caught my first Lane Cove bass in months. Not only that, it was a lovely 40cm fish fish and it absolutely crashed my 50mm popper right on dusk.

I's a happy man :yahoo:;)




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Guest bluecod

Nice fish Pukk :thumbup:

The LCR is going to be one of my haunts this year, 'specially after the midnight raid the boys are having on those carp. :1prop:

BTW has anyone told you that ticks love to get amongst the bracken fern this time of year? Be wary of the little blighters as they can get into places that could cause embarassment for the nurse when she goes to remove them :biggrin2:

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Well done Joe.

You seem to have the knack of getting bass to hit surface lures.



P.S - I have some special new poppers/water walkers that i'm trialing at the moment. I am getting some more in so since you love top water luring so much I might be able to push some your way!

just pm me and we can sort it out

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Guest bluecod
George...what can be used to keep the ticks at bay? You have me worried now! :wacko:


As far as I know Joe a good tropical strength insect repellant works as well as anything else - keep in mind ticks crawl around and hunt by smell of blood so you have to pretty well douse yourself and clothes in it. They seem to prefer areas where there is a strong blood flow near the skin's surface [head, groin] When a tick starts to burrow they can itch like all blazes which in itself is a pretty good giveaway.

They are not likely to seriously harm an adult [unless allergic] but a small child can get pretty sick from the poison - easily kill any size dog and good for cats.

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Ticks are the least of your worries with the number of snakes that will be out  :074:  :074:  :074:  Don't forget - they do most of their hunting at night along waterways.  Specially looking for jigging joes  :074:  :074: .


Not to even start mentioning the

Oh I better not tell him about those :biggrin2::biggrin2:


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Solid looking fish mate, good stuff.. :thumbup:

Reguarding the ticks in these kind of places i havent got one yet while chasing bass in the scub.(spent around 30hrs easy)...my tips are too put a hat on, where a long sleeved shirt with a collor and were it up..

..i find leaches to be more annoying :ranting2:



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