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Fig Tree Bridge

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Hi Tom,

Didn't see this post before I PM'ed you. Great stuff, good to see you amongst the bream. 34cm fork length is a good fish for Figtree. That area near the bridge usually holds fish once the water starts moving.



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Hi there - im new to this forum.

Has anyone ever fished the Fig Tree Brdige on Fly? What sort of action is typical for that spot?




Hi Adrian,

Figtree would be a good place to fly fish. Lots of room for back cast on the flat. Main species are the usual flats fish, bream, flatties, whiting, chopper tailor. There are mullet and an assortment of other species like flounder, trevally and silver biddies at times. Like most flats there are LOTs of toads in summer.

A couple of guys on this forum fly fish Narrabeen lake regularly. I'm sure they could give you some good info on that spot as well.



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Welcome to the site Adrian  :1welcomeani: .  The spot is not bad for the odd bream, flathead, small tailor or trevally.  Fly would work ok I expect.

This gives me the opportunity to trot this pic out from last November's Fig Tree social.  It went 82cm and blew us away till Matt turned up and caught another that was 84cm.  Big fish for that area.


Thought I'd throw in Matt's flatty. Still the biggest I have seen in the flesh.

Another of Pedro's:

And another model :074:

Can't wait for the next fig tree social....

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