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Donut In Pittwater 6/10


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Got out for a fish today,

Put the Pogoboat in at Bayview at 5'30 and hit the N end of Scotland Island, and the basin for squid, aiming to downrig live squid for kings.

No squid, I think that pro bloke caught the last eight in Pittwater.

Grabbed a bunch of poddies and drifted Careel bay trying for a flathead

Caught a couple of 20cm squire

Pretty ordinary day weatherwise

No surface action

Wound up at 1030

Nice to give the boat a run though

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Thanks JJ,

might get out a gain on Sunday or Monday and I'll have a look round there.

Had my neighbour with me and he goes green in the slightest bit of swell so didnt go round there today

Yeah youre right Davel it would have been better to have had a low but had to go for a fish in the time available, and a few other options I wouwould have preferred werent do-able in the time I had left

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