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Zippo On The Hawksbury


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Left home around 9 headed straight for bar pt. As we arrived so did a sneeky wind. The :wife: thought out of the wind would be good, so I headed for the western end of Milson Is.

Berley trail going, hours passed, and then 1 pike eel. ooh la la.

Back home at 13:00 for a fish of the jetty.

Try again tomorrow up river.

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at least you caught an eel :wacko:

you know, we used to dread the old catties and eels on our bream and jew trips but knew its just par for the course...havent caught one for months (a good thing really but doesnt say much for the mighty hawkesbuy :1onono:

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Met my first raider last weekend Knapers and headed up the Hawksbury

but nothing but small stuff but a good relax .Bit of a laugh though forgetting the

petrol tank and then  running out of petrol in the car on the way home  ,one

of those days i guess


Petrol is hard to find on my part of the river. Most long weekends we have boats pull up to the jetty needing fuel. Maybe I should sell it at a huge markup and give up work.

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