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Fishing The Georges 7/10/05


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we had a bit of a sleep in( since its Friday after all) and decided to Launch at Davy Robinson Reserve (Milperra Flower Power) after reading the ramp review somewhere on this site.

I am a beginner( this is the second outing on the boat) and this ramp was a piece of piss. The wharf/jetty has been appears to have been repaired too, which was lucky cause i needed to use it.

I got the boat started at the ramp and pushed my Mrs off in the boat. The idea was that she would scoot around to the jetty, whilst I grabbed a few things from the car( which we had already moved from the ramp).

Sounded like a good idea at the time!!! Unfortunately the boat stalled ( it is pretty tempremental) and began scooting upstream with the tide, which was flowing fairly quickly.

After a couple of attempts to get it going again(no luck), I made it down to the jetty and had to dive in and swim out. At least the sun was out and the water was warm. We got the boat going, stopped back at the jetty to pick up my clothes that I had ripped off before the swim and took off again , only to realise that I had keft my sunnies on the jetty. Back we go again

Finally we head off downstream to somewhere between Alfords point and Princess Beach. Got a few bites and landed a small ( 15cm) Taylor ( I think), which got sent back in the drink.

After a bit we motored over to a spot opposite Sandy bottom point, where we had a few decent hits and the mrs landed a decent bream.

we were using prawns and squid ( prawns were by far the most popular).

We made it home by about 300 before the day turned ugly. All in all a pretty good day!


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Guest fishrunner

Nice bream for the missus there inked :thumbup: ,

Would've been a nice dip and I'm sure it gave the wife a chuckle.

sounds like a great day.


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I live on the georges and you get the odd big fish but not much happens in there. My mates have walfs and pontoons and chuck over the pot in the drink and often get big muddies...

nice bream..... i think the misses beat u.. :05:

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Guest Jocool

Always a good idea to let the missus catch a decent fish. :thumbup:

Good to hear that they have repaired that jetty. Other than that, it's a pretty decent ramp. Were both lanes open on the ramp, or do they still have one blocked of?

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