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Another Small Jew


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Guest fishrunner

Nice jew there,

I'm far from expert, so my guess I s'pose won't count :tease: , but will have a guess anyway at 24kg,


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G`day Fellas ,

Martin , I have no idea why this particular beach produces so many big fish , although I was told that when the time and tide is right , the jews come in from off the reef out wide , and slip along the drop off looking for treats ( sand Worms and Crabs )

But one thing I can tell you is , LOCALS catch 99.99% of all jews .

You see , fishing here is a whole new ball game , and the best advice I ever had in My life , came from Lawrie who said " Forget everything you ever thought you knew about Jewie fishing up here Mick , because its totaly different .

And brother how right he was , so much to take in and to learn , but It sure as hell works.

Incidently fellas , I`ve told him 3 times about the Gallery and the Records section , I just gotta get him to take the time and snap one hugging a large Tape .

Oh , And for the benifit of all , we weigh our fish on Digital scales that are checked regularly .


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