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James P

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Hi All,

After all the negative reports from last weekend i thought i would shed some light on the situation. Went fishing 500m off the heads in sydney harbour on sat of the long weekend and caught 10 morwong the biggest 3 were 46 46 and 45cm, also 2 flathead one 47 and one 43cm, also a 35 and 37cm schnapper, and one random trevally, then went to the same spot on Monday and caught 4 morwong two over 40cm, a 1.3m port jackson shark on 6kg tackle which was great fun but kinda hectic trying to bring up this crazy shark without snapping the line and one more just edible flathead, over these two days we caught fish pretty much every cast but a lot of leatherjacket baby flathead and sergeant baker in between.

Then i went out yesterday and on our way we spotted a school of salmon and caught a coupe of absolute rippers which was amazing fun on light tackle because we didnt come prepared for them. there was three schools each about the size of a football field and the salmon we caught were much bigger than the ones pulled up two weeks back. Then went for a bottom bash and caught and edible flathead schnapper and morwong. Happy Times and a great few feeds :thumbup:

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Sorry i meant not prepared as in with rods, i was using long white stick baits which have never failed me. but i only had the overheads which wont cast a wieghtless plastic so we used two old combos we had, we could have caught about 500 of the salmon and they stayed around but the handle snapped on my rod and when i had a fish on it and had to fight it from my hand and then i used a lighter overhead but had to use weight and only had one hook up with weight on it and they didnt like my mates blue stick bait and then we put another white one on and it worked.

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