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Jewie Luring Nostalgia


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Anyone intersted in jew spinnin', wether hard, soft or fly based , then this is well worth a browse. A few other old records i have in possesion includes an ad by mister twister, stating five jews in the one nite on double tail sp's in 1980 and lunker jew at the murray mouth on big sp la bit later on. This isn't a question of who was first when or where it is just a tribute to the pioneers who flung artificials on Mt8144's and hardcore 6.5 inch Alveys on a hunch with no one telling them what to do, more ground breaking stuff. It just goes to show it is the angler who catches the fish not the gear at all which is a major misconception. love it.All in all good stuff to mull over, please enjoy. Cheers.


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G'day Stix,

Thanks heaps for sharing that info with us all, it was a great rea. Got any more stuff like that?

My first account with luring jews was years ago when i fished with the Chalker brothers (Dundon's proteges)from Gosford for them. They would use large strong beach rods fitted with alveys and spin the narrow, shallow creeks around the bridges with gold bombers. It was amazing watching this at night with the fish coming out of the darkness of the bridge shadows and engulf the lures in the lit up water. Absolutely mind blowing :1yikes: ...................memories that will stay with me forever.

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Great article, thanks for sharing that with us stix.. :thumbup:

Most of the Jewie articles in the fishing mags I remember reading back in the 80's and early 90's always featured a shot of Gene holding up a monster Central Coast Jew.... :biggrin2:



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