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The Weight Of That Jew


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Hi members. It's Lawrie ,

I'm sorry, ihave not been around ,but i've been having trouble with trojans.

Anyway i'm back for now. How about that jew ,I was with my mate Lee down at smiths beach and there was some nice water there,about five thirty pm. and we were spinning with raiders with no sucess and then i changed to a storm plastic, it was a dark green one about 75 grams. and crikey didn't he nail it, i was just lifting and dropping and he smaked it on the drop.don't you just love catching fish on lures!! he was full of small sand mullet about ten inches long.he must have had five or six in him. by the way he was a tad over 60 lbs. and he was in top condition.

Just check the photo that mick posted thats owzat!!!!!!!!

It's a shame i didn't take the photo before i gutted him.

I'll catch you all later Lawrie..

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