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Nothing But Toad


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Went for a bit of a session down to Bundeena tonight after this mornings fish got cancelled, wind was still howling and to be honest it probably wasn't worth the drive but I needed a fish.

Not so much as a nibble, we fished with prawns,squid,bloodworms and pilles and nothing would tempt them, threw the plastics around for the same result then one rod twitched so I picked it up and set the hook, at first I called it for a little flatty then as I started to bring it in I felt the line get very heavy and I thought maybe one of those bloody catfish I always seem to pull from Hacko

But no it was a bloody big toad my personal best actually so not much in the way of results the wind was uncomfortable but it was good to get out and chuck a few lines about and talk blokey stuff for the night.

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