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Another Morning On The Harbour


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Headed to Sydney Harbour on Sunday morning for some land based fishing after the fun but non-result carp night. I started with catching some live bait. And that was not bad ended up with 23 yellowtails. And I put them on my hook to c if there are any kingies around. But every time I put my live bait down, it will be killed within 5 mints and I can’t even feel a bit~!! :05: Guess that might be done by some squids. So I changed to throw some squid jig down. But it did not work, seems they were just hanging there enjoy killing my live baits. :1badmood: Within next 2 hard hours, I only ended up with one squid and some fish that I can’t even identify. (ps. Will post the pictures later on)

Seems the kings are still far away, hopefully next month they will all be back here.

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mate if that keeps on happening, use one of those squid pins, you'll clean up on big squid!


Is that the normal squid jig or something else? i tried the squid jig, except the first one has been hooked on, the rest of them seems not interested in anything except the live baits.

just wondering if there is a way to keep a live bait on a squid jig. :074:

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