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Heading To Shoalhaven Heads This W/e


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Anyone been down south - Shoalhaven heads area lately flicking some sp's around.

It looks as though we might get a little wet (based on early weather forecast) but hopefully I can have a flick.

Any of the local waters fishing well. Any reports floating around.

Any feedback worth a try most welcome.

Mainly chase Bream and Lizards.

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I was down there from thursday to sunday last week.Everywhere looked very fishy but unfortunately the bloody wind was blowing a hurricane and made it impossible to fish.There is however a very good pub down there :beersmile: .They make a good feed for lunch or dinner and kids a permitted in one section until 9.30.

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The river is fishing really well for flatties and bream at the moment, are you shore based or will you be fishing from a boat?

In the near future I will have access to a tinny (as long as I stay in the good books with the parents - they are soon goning to buy a new outboard to replace the small Mercury that has served them well for many years) BUT at the moment I am only Land Based.

Any help most appreciated.

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