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Botany Bay


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Went fishing in Botany Bay on Monday with Kikila. Started out at Molineau point expecting trevally, but didnt get many bites. Located a large school on the sounder which ended up being a mix of yakkas and sweep. Took a few yakkas for bait through the day but no takers. Gave the Third runway a go but only a few bites and no takes either. Looking like a fishless day we decided to try Brighton for some flatties. Wind had picked up by now which made it difficult but i did manage to pick up this one before we called it a day.




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Great work mate u gotta be happy with that flattie :thumbup: at least u caught urself a keeper so the day dndt end up to bad for u.. :yahoo:

im a botany bay fisher my self so hopefully weathers a lil bit better this weekend so we can all get out there..

cheers steve...

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Me too Steve. Fish the bay quite often in winter/spring and the harbour in summer/autumn.

Keep a lookout for a white fibreglass Centurion SPX480 with a gray cover. If the guy in there (with an akubra like hat) isn't pulling anything in, that'd be me. So come say hello to help me pass the time.

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hehe no worriez pulse.. im out in a quintrex 4.2m with a 40 yamaha on d back with a jade colour canopy over top... great little boat only had it for just over a month now...

feel free to hint me to some SPOT X's around the bay or harbour... :thumbup:

tunOfun mate that 2nd flattie shot is a awsome shot.... keep that pic handy m8


Cheerzz steve

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