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Hand Made Lure

Guest Jocool

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Found this at a tacklo in Queanbean today! Looks like crap, but apparently its the gun lure down that way on Perch and Redfin. He can't get enough of them. Made by some bloke on the east coast of Tassie, and they sell for $16!!!! :1yikes:


They are called a Lowey Lure or some such. This first one is a Rainbow trout colour.


This one is called a 4 X! Apparently all shaped, moulded and painted by hand.

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Joe - What are you doing in my neck of the woods?

I think my homemades are better constructed and finished than those - and they were made in woodworking 101 many years ago ;-).

I found out in the morning that I had a run to Canberra. If I had known the day before I would have tried to get some info regrding a flick somewhere down that way! :wacko: Maybe next time. :thumbup:

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