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New Fish Tables For Port Macquarie's Westport Park

Ken A

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The Saltwater Recreational Fishing Trust will provide $5000 to help construct two new fish cleaning tables at Port Macquarie’s Westport Park.

The total cost of the project, which has also been supported by the Hastings Council, will be $11,250.

‘This modern facility will reduce the present overcrowding at the old table, which has been in place for more than 20 years,’ said NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries Manager Max Withnell.

‘It will also improve hygiene and enhance the image of Port Macquarie as an angler friendly town.’

Mr Withnell said a recent survey found that the recreational fishing industry supported 276 direct and indirect jobs in the Hastings region.

‘These tables will be constructed closer to the access ramp to the floating pontoon with a curved roof for shade and rain protection,’ Mr Withnell said.

‘The work will begin in November and should be finished in December in time for the peak of holiday visitors.’

The Saltwater Recreational Fishing Trust provides funds from licence fees collected from fishers to improve recreational fishing opportunities and facilities.

Mr Withnell said ­the Westport Park project was a good example of recreational fisher fees at work.

‘All money raised by the NSW recreational fishing licence is placed into saltwater and freshwater trusts overseen by fishers representatives and used to improve recreational fishing,’ said Mr Withnell.

‘Funding for this project comes from the Recreational Fishing Trust’s Small Grants Program. Under the program, community groups are invited to apply for grants of up to $5,000 on a matching dollar-for-dollar basis.’

Media contact: Howard Spencer on 02 6656 8800 or 0428 696 672

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