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Take Three On Longey


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Went out for the Birthday bash yesterday with determined hopes of nailing one of the kings of the abyess that have been blowing me and Mark D away over the last week. Unfortunetly like waking from a dream or should I say nightmare, the monsters of the deep were nowhere to be seen. Using live 20cm pike and slabs of tailor I thought I was a shoe in. Isnt fishing a fickle game? Did manage to get onto the obligatory sambos and rustle up a few tailor from the same school that me and Mark D were working on Sunday and the highlight of the day was seeing two huge sunfish gourging them selves on jellys. What amazing creatures, all in all the day was a bit of a mixed bag with the beauty of nature providing the highlights.

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Guest bluecod

Sighting Sunfish must have blown you away - them and whale sharks are two species I haven't seen yet but would love to

BTW HBD for yesterday :thumbup:

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Thanks for the B D wishes blue cod the sunfish are awesome they were around two meters diameter. If people are keen to see them go to.


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