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Hauraki 13.10.05


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Well I'm back to work tomorrow so thought I better get back out today for a fish especially since they were practically jumping into the boat tuesday.....

What a difference 2 days makes :wacko: .....Very slow today, I cant figure this fishing out

Did catch this little fella which I foul hooked in the side of the head, I should probably thown out as a livie.......but I let him go........he swam off in a hurry so I guess he was OK :thumbup:

Then ........after a while got this bloody thing.............and I actually let it go.......alive I mean :1yikes:

In the summer I swim right around here :wacko:

Well I would have called it for a lousy day fishing except for this Baby I managed to pull over the side............

Heres one more........there was no one to take the pic so had to put it on timer :biggrin2:

All in all a good day out on the launch

Yeh Hooky, that little egg beater on the back is a DT....5 :biggrin2:

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Hey Clutch - Statue Bro??? :074:

Very fine snapper there.:thumbup:

I can't believe you get out in that little tinnie with a 5hp on the back and bring home snapper like that.

That's just awsome mate.

Is that shark a leopard shark??? He may have made some nice flake!!

Wow, good fishing there. Andy would be impressed but he wouldn't go out in your little boat I'm afraid, he freaks out enough in mind if the water turns a bit choppy on the way home in the arvy.



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Sweet!!!! :thumbup:

Looks like the wind did drop down in the end!!!

Nice fish, but why is the hook still in him when your at home in the last Pic???..

Or is that in case he falls out of your boat again on the ride home!!!! :tease:

P.s Next time you let any fish go.. can you point them towards Sydney!!!!

(Expecially Snapper like that!!)

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