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terrigal boat ramp upgrade


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Hi fisho's

is there anyone who can give me a progress report on the upgrade to Terrigal boat ramp. It should be near completion. I cant find any information on the web.


Still not finished yet, getting pretty close now though

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Launched there on the weekend

Pretty windy and there isn't anywhere to tie up so you might need two people

The ramp is nice and wide and there are some rubber strips down the side that

nearly go all the way down so there is still a chance that you'll lose some paint

watch out for Sting rays when you are wading around. There is a few big ones!

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Guest Guest123456789

It's a 2 man operation, and even that's hard. If the wind doesn't throw your boat off the side of the ramp the surge will. And there is nowhere to leave your boat while you move your trailer. And be careful if you have kids, parts of the ramp have a 2 metre plus drop with with either no fence or a very basic metal fence.

And yes Anthony given the ramp ends further down the beach stingrays are a much larger hazard, they patrol exactly where people load and unload and they can sneak up from blind spots courtesy of the ramp design.

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