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Yarramundi 15/10/05

Dan A

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Well, this was my second out ever for Bass, managed to break my virginity last week with a small one...

Hit the water at a leisurely 9am down at Yarramundi bridge, paddled straight past the lagoon, and another bloke helped me carry my yak over the rocks.

Within in a few minutes of casting I had my first Bass of 31cm..measured this on to tip..forgot Bass measurments are different :).

Moved along over the weed barriers, changed lure to a bett spin casting for a while, had a touch, cast back in and bang...this one fought much better than the last, I think it managed to get under a log, as I couldnt pull it any more...let out some line...off we go again it came free, this turned out to be a 32cm Fork bass![:D]

Had a few more casts for a couple touches and follows but no hookups.

On the way back there was a nice log sticking out from the water, thought might as well have a cast at that, looks like it should hold something...well, lure hit the water and got smashed!...this thing went like the clappers...felt like I was pulling up a log!..rod bent over, drag was tight, loosened drag a bit and put the pressure on..I think I had the mother load!

As the fight subsided up came a BIG bass and a PB Bass for me to beat. 38cm Fork!

Got a coulple more small bass on the way back ended up with 5 Bass from 9 - 1230

Here is a few pics....

38CM Fork!






32CM Fork



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Good going Dan. :thumbup: I have had a couple of half hearted flicks up at the bridge a while ago. Perhaps I should try again. :biggrin2:

Nice work Dan, whereabouts is the Yarramundi?

Yarra is a suburb Mark. Its on the Nepean!

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