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Day 2 different swell different location same result more luderick

luderick -angler

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Met up with Paul and Trevor at day break on the stones. Swell had swing to the south overnight and dropped so we hit a nice north facing ledge. The result was constant action. Ended up with two legal pigs and 15 luderick. We pulled the hooks on well over twenty fish and last fish of the day straightens a size 6 mustad suicide! Who said you need small hooks! That fish was big had him at my feet when the hook pulled! Anyway another top day in the Eastern Suburbs! They are well and truly in now! ccc82a69cc3c2d9816b3b6ab714e9003.jpg9b14d797e3ee84a66bfb825f28ab7dec.jpg4f4c159e6c8f748c891645ec0b70f939.jpg

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Great report and some top fish well done Luderick angler good to see there in numbers . Must have been a good fish that straightens the hook .

At first I thought pig! Spun the Avon royal and my knuckles are paying for it! Got a good look and it was as fat and long guesstimate 45cm plus big ocean fish and fit! When they get in that oxygenated water they get an extra bit of sting in that big tale! They know where home is!

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