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Your favourite forecast site


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I use Willy weather, Google, TV news and some old bones blessed by a Native American, which I put out side and if they move its too windy, if they are wet its raining.

Other than that it's all guess work and sticking my head out on the morning and making a call.


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BOM all they way, the other sites get their data from the BOM anyway. The METEYE feature on the BOM site is very useful especially around Sydney. Having a general understanding of the way East Coast weather works is pretty useful as well eg Winter westerlies , summer nor easters etc

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Guest Guest123456789

Willy Weather gets data from both BoM as well as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (American spy satellites). I have found it the most reliable source of information for me personally.

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Guest Lord Loser

I think sometimes the tweaks are warranted, BOM isn't always on the money.

I've been out wide twice this week and the seabreeze website has been close to spot on , could be a new favorite.

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I agree with Raymondo, Seabreeze is pretty accurate and updated regularly, other than that I just go outside and look upwards :)

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