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Sunday Morning


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Early start on Sunday morning (well 05:00), caught some poddy mullet last night, so bait wouldn't be an issue.

Went down to McCarrs creek, the tide was still coming in, and not much wind, so things were looking good.

Water was very clear and quite warm (well not cold). Put a livie near the jetty and waited. And waited. Checked bait, all OK. After 2 hours I'd had enough, so I found a spot further up the creek (up shit creek?) where there was a gap in the mangroves and cast out another livie. Nothing. Not a touch. Gave it an hour and went to Narrabeen lake near the sand flats at the caravan park (overfished, but at least the fish can't escape from the lake at the moment), where I was bound to catch at least a small flattie on a livie.....Nothing.

Called it a day at 10:30. Has anyone caught anything at any of these places recently? Spoke to a bloke who'd caught a flounder at McCarrs creek, but no one else seemed to be catching.

It least it can't get any worse.

Hope you all did better than me!



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