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Rose Bay Break-wall Blackfish


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I was fishing along the wall on the ferry wharf side of Rose Bay the other day and noticed a lot of blackfish feeding around the top the of the tide amongst the weed beds. They seemed to be most prevalent anywhere there was a tree hanging over the wall and providing a bit of shade and darkness.

My question is - If I wanted to have a crack at catching one, would I need to bother using a float rig? They're in about 1-1.5 metres of water. What are my chances if I just do a running sinker with a bit of weed on a small hook?

When I saw them I had a crack with my SP rig (all I had at the time) but they were (understandably I suppose) uninterested. Anyone here tried getting blackfish with those weed-imitating lures?

Also does anyone know of anywhere around Rose Bay where the requisite weed can be gathered?

Any help appreciated.


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Use a float rig as the bite will be very soft and so bites may be harder to feel bottom fishing. Using a float also gives you a better position to strike when they do bite from above. Just use a short trace and adjust the depth according to where they are feeding. I've never had experience catching them from the bottom although a mate has landed a couple off the beach on prawns on a running sinker rig.

Don't know about getting weed but maybe check the wharf pylons. There's a good chance there will be at least a little bit of cabbage growing off the pylons facing sunlight. Reach down and grab a handful. If they are already feeding that's all you'll need. Also drains as BA has mentioned.

Thanks for the tip on the blackies hanging around there! I'll definitely be heading there soon to check it out.

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