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Flying For Bream

Agent X

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Had actually wanted to fish the outgoing from the high at a nearby spot in the morning, but decided to sleep in and head out in the late morning to fish the last of the outgoing and the tide change. Breams were swimming in my head...

The SP angel said that I should take the BC since I've been having some luck wif em lately, and besides, the winds have not been very favourable and flycasting in such situations will be tough, but the Fly angel said that I needed the training. So the #7 it is...

Dark clouds were overhead and drizzling slightly... I told myself if the raindrops get bigger on my walk to Central Station, I'm gonna call off the trip...

Took the train to a spot where I've always hit Bream above legal size on small lures back in my undergrad days. But this time round, it'll be feathers instead of hard-plastics... True enough, the wind was averaging 15-20knots when I got there... I angled myself so that I was casting directly into the wind rather than having it come from my right (which is what I hate most).

The funny thing about the spot is that I would usually have to cast for maybe 15-20mins before anything shows up, and it was the same on this day... ["1,2,3,4,5"][strip flyline]["1,2,3,4,5"][strip flyline]["1,2,3...."] Two tugs on my line and we're in business! Definitely feels like an above legal sized bream (if it's indeed a bream)... and about a minute later... up came a 34cm specimen.




I tried to use the weight of the fish to shake the hook off, but the hook broke, and now there's a bream with a hook lodged in its side jaw swimming around... hope it'll be alrite... and that being my only Ultra Shrimp (given to me by a friend), the mood meter dropped significantly. Fished for another 20mins and decided to call it a day...


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Great fish X, I'm sure it would have put up a good fight. The pics are excellent too.

I was hoping for a few bigger bream on fly this weekend myself, but it wasn't to be.

Is that fly commercially available or did your friend tie it? I need to expand my fly collection when the :wife: spending gets under control :action-smiley-073:



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Shane: It was tied by my friend... He's a really creative character. Besides tying flies, he also makes his own lures and builds his own rods (fly rods included)...

I think these flies wud most prbly be available commercially, but tying your own just seems to make more economical sense... but then again, if the :wife: is gonna spend the moola anyway.... dont bother tyin em yourself.... :biggrin2:

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