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Currarong with my 7yo - Any REcommended spots?


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Hi Guys,

An Ex-NZ here and looking to get my young boy hooked on fishing in Aus. Haven't had to much around Sydney so heading down to Jervis bay just the two of us for an excursion.

After any areas and techniques that will lead to some catches for him. Used to casting and dropping lead with Squid Mullet and Pilchards for Snappy back in NZ but have realised its a different game here.

Once i've been down i'll check back in.

So please help me find those fush and get a new fisho created?

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There is a reef at the creek entrance that is worth a try but generally only accessable between half tide to low then back to half tide

Other than that take a walk out to the wreck but can normally only fished on calm days

Suggest using floats rather than actually fishing the bottom as lots of snags so you can loose a lot of gear

There are other places around the front cliffs but perhaps not the place for a youngster

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If you head from the Currarong beach to the right, out towards the old wreck, it is fairly sheltered on a southerly or westerly.

My youngsters used to head out there, with a float rig, and bread, and have a ball catching mullet. Long ago enough not to be able to give a more specific location, however.


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Appreciate the response guys. Looks like the wind is a bit all over the place over the upcoming weekend so not sure where it will be sheltered. Are there any spots which produce well on the other side of the peninsular say around Honeymoon bay or figtree inlet?

Looking around the peninsular and around the cliffs very hard to tell which is easily accessible and which roads you can drive via the maps which are out there. The deep water off the flat shelves looks so tempting so please let me know, looks like i may be back!

Again thanks.

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