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Spooling A Fly Reel

Guest Jocool

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Hey guys...I know that this has been covered, but I am going to ask anyway! :biggrin2:

I just picked upmy new fly reel. :thumbup::thumbup: Its a Gillies Guide in a 7-9 WT. I have yet to pick up the rod. I have also got some Fin-S braid in 30 lb to run as my backing. Is the braid tied directly to the arbor of the reel? If so, what have you found to be the best knot to attach it? Do you need to run mono backing under the braid backing... :wacko::wacko: ...to stop it spinning on the spool as you do with spin reels?

And finally...do you put a double in the end of the braid to form your loop for attaching the fly line, or is there another method?

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Thanks for the PM George.

As I said, I wrapped the line around the arbor 3 times and tied a uni in it. It seems to hold and not slip. Loaded the full 300 yards of Fin-S in 30LB, and finished it with a 2.5 m plaited double. If need be, I will cut the double out to attach one of those loop thingama jiggies. :1happybday:

I have to say....If I ever get a run that looks like emptying the spool, I'm throwing the entire rig in the drink! :biggrin2::biggrin2: It was a total bitch to wind on the entire 300 yards at a 1:1 speed. :wacko::wacko:

Does anyone make a high speed fly reel? :074::074::074:

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I using a length (abt 3ft?) of twisted mono between the backing and flyline... have also seen some others do a big bimini loop on the backing, then doubling it again with a 4 or 5 loop surgeons before looping to the flyine...

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