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Jervis Bay 17/11 - 20/11


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I went down to Jervis Bay over weekend with my missus, my brother and some friends.  We stayed in a house in Vincentia just next to the south end of Collingwood beach.

Fishing was pretty sporadic as I was the only one who's really keen and the others were more interested in sunbathing and drinking.  I'm also (admittedly) partial to these pastimes, which could partially explain my relative lack of success.  However success is a subjective thing and my weekend was objectively fantastic, so I've got that to take home with me in place of a fish.



The first day I tried for beach worms for the first time on Collingwood beach with my newly purchased worm pliers.  I'd been looking into how this is done a lot and was looking forward to the results of all my research.  As usual, I found out that watching Youtube videos doesn't make you even remotely competent at this understandably frustrating venture.  I waved the reeking leg of pantyhose in those waves for over an hour, scouring the water for the telltale "v" of a worm.  They were everywhere!  I kneel down and hold the bag over the worm and pull it out only to find over and over again a tiny hermit crab waving his little claws at me like he's giving me the finger.  Bastards!  Nothing left to say.  No worms.  I was defeated.  I attempted to cast a line into the surf against the wind to no avail.  I went home with the group to drink my disappointment away with plans to hit the shoreline early the next morning. 



I'm up early as promised and head straight down to the rocky shoreline that leads to Orions Beach.  There's a bloke down there with three rods setup who doesn't look pleased to see me.  I walk up the shoreline without a word.  I've got some pippies I'd bought the day before for bait and my new 10ft rod to try out.  I'm casting a double paternoster rig out but get bored pretty quickly as I haven't eaten anything yet and am in dire need of coffee.  I reel my line in and just as I'm packing up I see three dolphins cruise past about ten metres away.  Just that was enough consolation for the day before's worming escapade.

We head as a group for Hyams beach and I (stupidly) leave the fishing gear at home.  Big mistake as there's loads of whiting cruising the shallows while I'm swimming.  Decent size as well.  We head up to Chinamans and I snorkel around the rocks at the north end spotting more fish that I can't identify in the gloom of the rocks.  

That afternoon we headed for Moona Moona Creek to swim and flick plastics round in the shallows.  This was a lovely place to fish and my brother pulled in a tiny 25cm flattie near the bridge on a 2" bloodworm wriggler.  Cheeky bastard got his first fish on plastics his first time trying it!  I've been at this for months!  I consoled myself with the thought that the whole plan, choice of lure and spot was mine.  

Another fisho kindly gave us his half dozen or so nippers that he's dug as they weren't enough for what he needed.  I couldn't be bothered re-rigging with hooks and sinkers so rigged up a nipper on the end of the small jigheads we'd been using with the plastics. First cast into the little channel that connects the creek with the surf and I'm onto a little whiting.  Finally a fish!  Beautiful little spot.  

I love this type of fishing.  Knee deep in crystal clear, warm water.  Watching the bait fish swim around your legs.  Spotting little whiting in the distance.  It's magic.



We did the Booderee National Park loop walk starting and ending at Murrays Beach.  It was overcast all day and the hot weather the day before seemed to have woken up all he flies.  We pushed on, swiping at our faces throughout the day.  The only respite was swimming.  I had a little flick with the plastics around the eastern end of the beach where there's a couple of inlets with over hanging rocks.  Really beautiful place but I only managed to get toadfish striking at the lure.  There didn't seem to be anything around at all.

We headed back to Moona Moona Creek in the arvo and fished till sundown over the runout tide.  We had the whole place to ourselves and it was so quiet.  It was here that I managed to catch my first flattie on soft plastics.  The bloodworm wriggler struck again!  I was out almost waist deep when I hooked him and had to walk him into shore to get set him loose.  He would've only been about 30cm - I was elated.  

I inherited a bunch of fishing gear a few months ago when my grandad passed away.  He was the one that first took me fishing when I was a kid.  I'd not even thought about fishing until he died and my Nan said I could have all his old rods and tackle.  We'd always fished with bait when I was a kid, so I was surprised to see some old lures among some of his stuff.  Nan said he was just getting into lures when he started succumbing to Alzheimers.  I always said that when I finally catch something on them, I'll let it go for Papa.  So it was nice to see the little guy swim away unharmed while I thought about my Grandad and all the laughs we had catching fish up at the Entrance together.


I know there's no tales of marlin or mahi mahi in here, but I get a kick out of hearing everyone's fishing adventures no matter how successful or experienced they are.

Thanks for reading,





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