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Forster 14-17 October


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Took the tribe up to Forster for 4 days of R&R, with a mate and his tribe. Have got to say I havent been up there for yonks and it was a pretty easy 4 hour run even with a tucker stop.

Anyways we set up the girls and the blokes grab some bait and off we go into the Wallis Lakes, lots of little pickers on prawns and whitebait. We got a couple of small tailor so we stripped them and chucked out just to see what would happen.

Well hang on cause the flatties were in the mood for some FRESH bait, in an hour we got 6 keepers and the same amount again that we released that needed to grow up

Saturday, same plan and same result, another flattie feast, the best one of the weekend going just over 4 pounds, everyone happy. Then it bucketed down, we got the most rain in NSW on Sunday.

Not to worry , great weekend, great company and some good fishing to boot. I think we have already planned another weekend away, this time the blokes only and I cant wait.


Geoff :1fishing1:

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Good to hear someone's getting into the fish up there. Last time I went to Forster for a trip the fishing was as slow as a wet week. Then again it hadn't rained for a long time and it was tough all over.

The fishing should improve quite a bit after the rain though.

Whereabouts were you fishing/staying Geoff?



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Yeah, it was nice to get a few fish. We stayed at the RSL hoilday units, mates a memeber and got a great deal, $300 for 4 days for 4 people. Nice and handy to town, we walked everywhere.(that sucks) but it was supposed to be doing me good?

Fished up near Forster keys and just over the bridge near the leases on the Tuncurry side. Couldn't get anywhere up the breakwall , it was too blowy.

But as I said had a great time, and the SS Crewman got 11.55 ltrs per 100 km or 21 MPG, which makes me happy, with a 350 Chev and Auto getting that milage,something I could never achieve when I was younger.


Geoff :thumbup:

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