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Laings Point (Camp Cove) - Cuttles


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Went to Camp Cove this morning around 4am. Man it is nice out early in the morning.

Threw squid jigs around the Eastern end of camp cove for about 30mins with no luck to moved to the Western side of Camp Cove and tried there for another 20 mins with no luck.

Finally moved on to the Western side of Laings Point to target pelagics but decided to try again for squid, casting towards the private jetty at the very Western edge of the rock ledge. Got lucky with 2 very small cuttlefish, which is exactly what I was after as I was looking to get some live baits out that might be a good snack size for a king or tailor.

I put two 3/0 circle hooks into the smallest one and tossed it out with a running float. But came up with nothing.

Luck was on my side though. As I was rigging up I felt something %%%%%ing into my bum. I reach down and pulled a 25gr Surecatch Bishop out of the grass. Score! So I put that on my other rod and tossed it around for a little while. They're a nice chrome. A really realistic looking action when you get them darting around.

One disappointing things was that one guy there was catching and killing tiny snapper. Like 15cm snapper. How is there even any meat there?

If anyone's interested in seeing what it's like out there I'll be editing a video together over the next couple of days. I have a bunch of other vids I've put together already too but haven't posted them here as I've been going through a bit of a drought. 

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