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Hen & Chicken Flick.


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G'day all.

Hit Hen & chicken bay again this morning for a quick plastic session. Wind wasn't ideal & missed 4-5 fish before landing a 29cm Bream. An old timer I'd seen often there was having a go as well. Quite a while ago I got him onto the s.ps but his rigs were wrong even though he bought the right gear to use them. Being a hardbods guy he was finding it a bit hard with the placs.

Anyway, I rigged him up & explained how you want the shad swimming in the water & so on. He's a quick learner 'cause on his fourth cast he nailed a 45cm Flattie. The smile on the old fellas face made my day & he was still at when I packed it in.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? :1fishing1:

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Thats a good report Jewhunter, I'm no spring chicken either, but enjoy the learning everytime I'm out there.

Very well said Narra.

If you stop learning you may as well stop fishing & I know that I'll be learning to the day I die!!!!!!

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