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Mixed Bag Softies


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G Day folks went down to the secret hole to check the crab pots and have a flick on the kayak, a form of fishing Ive been neglegting for a while. On arrival I was greeted by a bay full of bait with choppers, slimeys, and huge squid (no jig) all going beserk trying to inhale the SP. After constant hookups for an hour on these agro creatures I moved to check the pots and after resetting them finished of by hooking into some bream. While they were no monsters they were constant on the plastics with the best going 28cm. Will head back this arvo because with a bay full of bait theres gotta be a jew in there somewhere. Will let you know how I go.



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Sounds like you had a great little session there Phil.

I can't wait until daylight savings so I can go for a flick in the late afternoon after work.

Good luck with the jews, I bet it will be a rush fighting a good sized one out of the yak!



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Good work Phil, any luck on the crabs? what do you get there blues or muddies?

G Day Mark, a mix of both actually but havent had any luck so far this year. Wouldnt you know it when I went down agaibn the next day the action was dead. The rain run off that had fired them up only hours earlier had now clouded the water and shut the spot up. Fickle game sometimes :05:

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