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Bream and blackfish on weed port kembla 30.12.16


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Aftet not fishing for a few months I decided to set the alarm and actually  get  up.


I hit bulli pools to collect weed for bait n burley then headed over to port kembla north wall. I was depth checking and knew i hit the spot with a solid down. After a very uncharacteristically soft fight i landed my first blackfish for a while. I waa getting downs straight  after  but not as frequently. I then saw a school of snaller blackfish  taking off so maybe they decided to  call  it a day. I continued to fish and ended wuth a nice bream on weed. Judging by the amount of weed in its gut i reckon this was the fish responsible for quite a few of my unsuccessful downs. Anyway was worth the  early start to get the rid bending again. 3 kids make it hard to negotiate fishing time.


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Back in the late 60's my dad took me fishing at lime burners creek port Macquarie for black fish in a boat. He was catching a few fish and also caught the biggest bream I have ever seen on the smallest piece of green weed. I don't no how he landed the fish on that small hook.

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