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First king (rat) on the kayak


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Took the yak out with my mate Johnny on Satdy from Malabar. The plan was to collect squid in the weed beds and then head outside to look for kings.

Squidding was slow but ultimately got 2. Stripped them up and paddled out, poor man's downnriggers ready. 

Had three early hits and landed one nice rat. Also Johnny caught a rock cod as bycatch. Went quiet after that. Didn't help that with the swell bouncing off the cliffs i went the colour of my yak.......

Pumped to get yak kingie number one. Hoping to get onto some more soon. Can't wait to get back out there. 

No photo sorry. Way too bumpy to get the phone out.



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Nice one Duncan. I head out Malabar quite often on my yak as well and it can definitely get quite bumpy. Have had a few paddles back feeling a little green. Got a few rat kingys there last few outings and they sure go hard. Just upgraded my Tarpon 100 to an Ocean Kayak Prowler 4.3 so might bump into you one day.



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Got a few on my 2500 reel spooled with 10lb braid 14lb leader. A couple by flicking a soft plastic into some bust ups and one other when I was reeling my halco scorpion in after trolling. That one grabbed it right at the yak and took a good 5 min to get in. Was only 60cm, felt like I might finally get my first legal kingy but wasn't to be. Lots of fun though. 

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