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Any landbased fishing spots for big eye trevs within the Sydney region?


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Hey fellow anglers alike.. just trying to write down a few notes on big eye trevally fishing in the sydney region. Stories and tips are very much appreciated! Just felt like targeting Big Eye trevally after watching a bloke on YouTube catching several beauts up there in Gold Coast, and felt left out as I live so far south (Sydney) and not being able to snag one of these gorgeous fish! :wub:

Heard that there have been several reports of Big eyes in the Parra' and Manly lagoon during the summer, and I was hoping that I could atleast catch one this summer! (btw its 40 degrees on average here in Sydney):wacko: so I think the warm currents are bringing them down?? Im a landbased angler so any spots or tips can be straight PM'ed at me.

Thanks Goisee

Tight Lines!


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cant help you with spots, I catch a lot of big eye's up here

they like a rapid twitching retrieve they are a very aggressive feeder you will see them mis the lure multiple times NEVER pause 

hit areas with plenty of bait and current as with most trevs no run=no fun

good luck I'm guessing they're probably a bit hit and miss 

if you really want to catch one or one hundred make a trip to the Nambucca River best time winter or sprng there are plagues of them up here 

hope this helps


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Manly lagoon is pretty famous for having a population of "exotics" like jacks, various tropical trevallies including bigeyes, giant herring but it got hammered a few years ago by runoff contamination (i think from golf course chemicals) and had a couple of very bad fish kills. The guys that fished it tended to be locals that popped down for an hour after work and most outings they missed out but every know and then they caught fish. The theory was that tropicals survived in the lagoon because the shallow water tended not to cool too much over winter and the fish were stuck there anyway. I reckon trying to target bigeyes in Sydney would be pretty close to impossible but you can only try. Go north if you really want one- they get pretty thick in most estuaries from Coffs north

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Yeh the bloody golf course killed it. :05: Now future generations can no longer enjoy the 'goon.

 golf assholes... :1wallbash:


Might give the 'goon a last shot with some surface lures or something. Praying to god that they're still there, and wishing that they're still there... :depression:

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