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Swansea 23/10


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Gidday all,visited one of my favourite spots on sunday with some friends,the wife and my boy "Rek".We put in at the ramp near the caravan park on the southern side of the channel just as a heap of fishos were coming back in for a weigh in on a flathead competion.

There was some truly outstanding fish that were weighed in ,with what appeared to be a 60/40 mix of live fish that were released to breed more flathead again.We had a picnic on one of the islands -this is a good browny point move by the way ( :wife: ).I also put out five traps that yielded four blue swimmers ,of which one was a berried up female that got to live again.

There was the worlds supply of plastics being used there by almost every boat ,wouldnt you just love to have shares in with squidgys?.Water was 20.1c and as you can see was crystal clear.The crabs were picked up in 13ft of water ,about 500m south of the furtherest southern channel-on the edge of the weed beds.


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Guest bluecod


Good to see young Rek getting into it - my fellas were about that age when Grandpa taught them how to clean fish without taking a finger off [come to think of it, Grandpa wielded the knife but the boys got to remove the scales, guts and gills] - some good memories from days like that. :thumbup:

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Sounds like a good family day there Rekless. Nice photo of the young fella as well. Can't wait till my son is old enough to wield a rod.

Looks like a nice flathead area in the background of the photo too, nice sandy/weedy patches. :thumbup: That's what I love about the lake, sand flats are probably my favourite fishing area.

Sounds like the humble flathead was the gun fish around the Newcastle area over the weekend. All I managed was three of them from the Harbour (was trying for a PB beating Bream on SP). I think the water clarity had a lot to do with my results though, very clear for the Harbour.



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