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Lost tackle bag- woronora ramp


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Hey guys. A month ago after a fish on my birthday we dropped into woronora boat ramp to clean the boat and clean the catch on the fish cleaning table there.

There was another boat that turned up while we were finishing cleaning and they ended up placing buckets either side of my tackle bag (accidently I'm sure)

Unfortunately when we went to leave we didn't notice the bag still sitting there and left without it. I came back 15 minutes later and they were gone.

If anyone knows anything or has heard someone mention that they found a bag there please please contact me on 0426205750.

Just about all my lures and tackle were in that bag and I haven't been able to get out fishing since.

anyone who can get the bag back to me is more than welcome for a trip out with us to get amongst some fish.

thanks guys

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3 hours ago, Raymondo said:

I dare say you won't see it again Seb. Better start saving for new gear. I hope I'm wrong though. Why did you leave it so long to post this ?

Because 'wont see it again' was my thoughts exactly. It hurt when it happened but planning a trip out this week hurt even more thinking of the cost of replacing my gear :(

this was kind of a last hope I might actually get it back

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