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Flatties On Hardbodies


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Hi all,

Long time reader first time writer!

Been meaning to join for a while and as I'm starting to fish more actually have something to write about!

Trolled hardbodies around Hen and Chicken area and Lane Cove River for 10 or so flatties , couple of bream and choppers.

Not too bad for a few hours fishing. Size was a little dissapointing, but generally speaking fish in Lane cove River seemed bigger, may have just been a coincidence.



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:1welcomeani: FSHIIIN

Kind of New here myself, but like you have been visiting for a while.

I'm hoping to get some exams out of the way & get out this summer.

I'll be takin' some of your advice & trying Hen & chicken area.

Don't worry about size mate - at least they're jumpin' on the line!!!!

(AND any fish you catch is more than i'm catchin' right now!!!)



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Hi Fishiin,

Welcome to the site.

Was that you trolling Lane Cove river on Saturday afternoon? I was was wading Figtree sandbank and an unpainted tinnie with two on board came up and started trolling the edge of the sandbank then continued upstream past the bridge. First time I have seen anyone troll the sandbank.



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Ronald and Jeff,

Not sure if I clicked the right button but will see I guess.

hardbodies that were doin the job included mans stretch 5 in pink and Mcgraths in pink and a little pink bream lure, can't remember name. tried gold for a while but didn't get any attention. not sure if colour was the issue or it may not have suited the water depth I was trolling. have done OK with gold before..

That was me up the river. I like the look of edge of sandbanks up the Lane Cove. Have had reasonable success up there.

Usually toss plastics for flatties but a bit over it lately, had a week at Forster and caught and released about 60 in 4 sessions, love mid north coast flatty action. Some good fish amongst those lots of 50's few 60' and a 70 which went hard in leases.

Thought I'd try old school for a while, it has worked for me in Botany and Hen and Chicken always this season and besides it's easier to drink beer when trolling....

Looking to upgrade to jew on plastics and will soon have downrigger for Pittwater kings installed.

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