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Boat washing, polishing and sealing


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Gday guys,

Wondering whether I can use my Menzerna car products to polish and seal my boat.  Its a 2009 Brooker aluminium boat that has factory blue paint.  Not sure if thats a hard or soft paint.  While the boat is washed regularly, I have never polished it.  At home it is stored in a garage, so its out of the elements.  I often get comments like "Nice new boat" or "cant be that old" when im at the servo or ramp, just an idea of how clean it usually is.

Over the years, there are some scuffs on it from coming in a little too hot to wharfs and some wear through the paint where the strapping pulls against the side.  Obviously I wont get the worn paint problem fixed, but the scuffs should come out pretty easily.

I would be machine polishing mostly with a RO polisher, obviously working with the lightest pad/polish combo first to try and achieve a desired finish.

Would perhaps be looking at a full detail, like my cars - wash, clay, rewash, dry, polish then seal.

Does or has anyone go to these lengths on their boat?  I do these steps once, soemtimes twice a year on both my cars, so the time committed to these tasks isnt a problem for me.



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8 hours ago, mii11x said:

Not too sure mate, how would you tell?IMGP0677.JPG

Get a white rag with a little cutting compound and give the hull a rub.If you turn over the rag and it's blue you don't have a clear over base paint.The same with the white except you use a coloured rag other than white.You'll find it will be Clear over base mate.Back in the day we use to check if the cars we where painting were acrylic or 2k buy soaking a rag in thinners and wiping it over a conspicuous panel.The paint would start softening(Melting)if it was acrylic.2k is not affected.

  Word of warning is be careful if your machine buffing/polishing that hull as it is very easy to rub through the edges of the pressings on the side of the Hull as the paint is always thinner there.A trick is to run masking tape along those ridges and give them a light go over with the buff once the bulk of the polishing has been done.

   I would do the lot by hand if it where me but it's up to you.

And finally,nice boat & lawn.


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Since my new boat arrived in late April last year and it rained for 2 weeks. I took the opportunity to detail the boat.

1. Vacuumed the boat to get rid of metal swarf.

2. I washed it with my Meguires Gold wash

3. Polished the outside and any areas where the kids would not be climbing on to jump off. Didn't want it slippery.

4. Autosol the chrome and polished steel 

5. Scotch Guarded the carpet

6. Wiped down the seats with Vinyl protector and cleaner.

7. Cleaned all glass and trims

i may also have polished the motor and prop.

now i write this I think I may have a issue, but it's so easy to clean after a day out now and after a full wash down, I have been known to spray it with Qik Detailer..

it will be due for another polish soon and it helps having a big front yard and storing the boat under a cover and under a carport.

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